Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crazy is an abstract idea

Writing a book was fun! In fact I am now writing another one. You've read it here first!

BUT all this stuff after writing is making me mad... in a crazy sorta way. I feel like...

I'm getting good feedback from betas, some agents have requested the manuscript. But I still keep going back and editing... I'm don't think it will ever be done.

I think it's inevitable that I have to just move on and write the next book. Don't get me wrong, I still love this story and the characters and I'm still going to publish it, but I have a feeling I just need to write something new and keep improving.

And in the future I hope I can look back at this time like Justin in NSYNC

What the hell was that? I don't know but I loved it at the time!
Did I mention it's TIMBERLAKE TUESDAY!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review- Beware of Love in Technicolor by Kirstie Collins Brote

4.5 real life stars

This book is not your typical New Adult Romance. It wasn't the mad chemistry, alpha male tales I've been use to. It was the twisted maze of love and friendship and growth that is true to the college experience. And the inevitable let down when none of it is what you had expected.
And it was set in 1991- so it made me kinda nostalgic.

 It's the story of Greer's first two years in college. She was looking forward her first year and all the firsts she was going to experience, but, as usual in life, it didn't live up to the hype. Her first day she meets an insanely hot guy, but that's where the similarities to a typical romance story ends.. it's his friend she somehow falls in love with.

 What's crazy is that none of the characters have some damaged past... (or at least it's not mentioned in the story)
At first I didn't like Greer. I thought she was stuck up and judgmental, but as her college years progress she loosens up, and I realized that she was just a sheltered, 19 year old, who thought she knew.

Her growth wasn't always positive, but it was typical. She experimented with drugs, with friendships, guys, and with her diet. All a typical experiences for a college student. (well maybe not typical, but believable)

I don't know really what more to say except if you want to take a break from the hype of over dramatized life, this book is perfect.

And the writing was excellent. I loved the style. It all just worked for me!

There were some typos, but that sort of thing doesn't bother me too much. Really the only other negative thing I have is the ending was a little sudden, but it's easy to imagine where it's going.

Overall it left me feeling like I had just got done reminiscing with my friend about our adolescents. And I loved looking back.

Have Fun!

Friday, September 20, 2013

How to write that Query!

There is only one real rule: Get their attention.

The point of the query is to sell your book, make people want to read it (make an agent think it's worth their time, energy, and essentially money in reading your novel)

Everything else is mere guidelines, suggestions, for how to structure your query. Believe me, I've been reading everything I can find on query's. It's exhausting and confusing.

No lie, one agent said "Don't start with a question, it's annoying and distracting and what if my answer is no?" The next blog said, "Starting with a rhetorical question is  good hook to get agents interested."  

Just like everything else in life, it's all subjective. There are no hard and fast rules. And even if there were, it's the innovators who typically get noticed, and they tend to think outside the box. Make their own way.  There are no rules: See this post.

Now with all that said, here are  a  few guidelines that just plain make sense:
    • Keep it under 250 words (agents have limited time, you have to hook them quickly)
    • Include all contact information in closing.
    • FOLLOW THE AGENTS RULES (they usually have their own guidelines to submitting.)

Have Fun!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Timberlake Tuesday (Why didn't I think of that)

I'm adopting Timberlake Tuesday.

I LOVE Justin Timberlake. When I wrote Liam I was kinda picturing Justin Timberlake...

Well, sorry JT he really isn't. He's the jerk of the book!

Aww baby Justin, no need to thank me. I enjoyed picturing you in the role!
Hey I'm glad you like it! Now do you think you can take off your shirt?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shark Lessons

I have spent the morning reading through Query Shark and taking notes. I only made it through the list of queries that won at query shark, through revisions or on first tries.

Here is what stood out to me

- In black is part of the query letter, and in blue is the query shark's opinion.

Query Shark: **WINNER**

Protected witness Jessica Reynolds is in deep trouble. The killer she helped put behind bars ten years ago has escaped, and thanks to a breach in cyber-security, knows her new identity. A federal marshal shows up at her home without warning, ready to immediately whisk her away for a second relocation. Jessica refuses to go, unwilling to walk away from her career, home and friends without a fight.

Yes! This is exactly how to start a query. We know what Jessica wants, and who is trying to thwart her.
I am seeking representation for ABIDE WITH ME, a 57,000-word crime novel about friendship, community, football, hope, and biscuits. Oh, and gangsters.

I like the juxtaposition of crime novel and friendship. I'm always looking for that kind of weird pairing. I think it bodes well for a fun read.

Thing is, John don't even know the fuckin' half of it.

And that's exactly why, in less than forty words, why I am eager to read the pages, and then the novel.

One week ago, Claire's cousin Dinah slit her wrists. 

Five days ago, Claire found Dinah's diary and discovered why. 

Three days ago, Claire stopped crying and came up with a plan.  

Two days ago, she ditched her piercings and bleached the black dye from her hair. 

Yesterday, knee socks and uniform plaid became a predator's camouflage. 

Today, she'll find the boy who broke Dinah. 

By tomorrow, he'll wish he was dead. 

Premeditated is a 60,000 word contemporary YA novel. Chapters or a synopsis are available on request.  

oh hell yes.  Send pages, send the entire manuscript NOW.

Here's why this breaks all the rules and still works:  

It's got menace in the very rhythm of the writing. It's short and not-sweet.  We know who the main characters are because she SHOWED us, not TOLD us.

THE ABDUCTION OF EMILY, a mystery/suspense novel of 84,000 words, is an account of a kidnapping as seen from three points of view: the kidnapper, the kidnapped, and the people left behind. 


At news of the When Emmy hears about the Las Vegas Stardust Resort’s impending implosion, Emmy emerges from exile for its farewell concert.

 I'm a big fan of starting sentences with the subject not a clause, particularly in query letters. I think it makes your writing sound stronger.  It's one of the things you teach yourself to notice in revision (those leading clauses) cause we all write like that ---on the first draft.

The reason I'm a fan of it particularly in query letters is that it's the easiest format for the reader to follow. There's no pause to think "oh, right, it goes with that person, not this other one."

So the top three things I learned:
  1. Hook the reader (that's the key, everything else is just suggestions to help do this.)
  2. Show, don't tell
  3. Rhythm matters, read your query out loud.
*Also what's written outside of the blurb matters. You can add a sentence or two describing the novel when you give word count.
I'm scraping my old query and rewriting. 
Another tip: personalize the query letter for each agent, more than just having the attachments, or inserting what they ask for. Mention something about them and why you'd fit.


Friday, September 6, 2013

While we're waiting...

I'm waiting... for agents to reply, for beta readers to give feedback, for the world to open up and swallow me whole, to eat a chocolate cake. Yea I've got issues.

But while I am waiting I decided to entertain myself and anyone who may care to read over this post (or wants to be mindlessly entertained as well).

And Jenna Marbles will be playing the part of ME!

Lets get this started




Monday, September 2, 2013

I used it all up

AGH! I have stayed away from my book for a week!


But I have ideas... Lots of IDEAS! For new stories and some minor details I will add to the book I already wrote, just some line changes for humor or clarity.

So tomorrow I will be back at my book. And I will be redoing my book blurb, the one that goes in the query letter. My blurb did not talk about the men in the story... and I think it is a must for this genre.

And I was productive today. I made an excel graph of who I have already sent my query to and what I have heard back. I have sent it to 11 people, received 4 rejections almost immediately. I am hoping the delay from the other agents is a good sign, maybe it wont be a standard rejection. I am going to query more agents after I revise my query and run through my book again.

Good think I am still excited about reading this story, even if it is for the 18441793 time!


Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Before Now by, Cheryl McIntyre

Book Blurb

Park Reed is a bastard in every sense of the word. He hasn't always been this way. But after his heart was broken by the only girl he ever loved, being heartless gets him through the day and allows him to fill his nights with the nameless girls he has no intentions of seeing again. He now lives his life following his ever-growing list of “life lessons.”

Lucy Braden is everything Park is not. She’s sweet, caring, and an all-around nice person. She tries to follow Lucy's Rules to Live By everyday.

When Park moves in with Jessie, which happens to be the floor below Lucy, Jessie's one stipulation: Lucy is off limits to Park. The problem with that is Lucy is determined to be a good friend to Park and see past the drinking and random girls to find the man beneath it all. The other problem: Park follows his own rules.

My Review:

Fair warning: This book was the second in a series, but about side characters. I didn't read book one. What can I say, I'm a rule breaker. I don't think it mattered, but maybe I'm completely wrong, maybe it made all the difference.

OH, this is going to be a mess.
Let's start with the easy:
  • The writing: 5 Stars! I loved being in Park's head. And Lucy wasn't bad either. I liked the author's style. Period.
Now for the not so clear:
  • Story Line: Started off 4 stars, but then dropped to 2. I think a novella would have sufficed for this couple. The last part didn't grow the characters; I'm done reading once they are grown.
  • AND it included things I hate but don't want to spoil the story. Just know they are really in love at 19 and 20 and are prepared to spend forever together.... I am teaching my children to not get married till they are 30. Damn, was that too much? Did I give it away?
Would I recommend you read this story... Nope. BUT I will be reading future books by this author, and possibly even part 1 of this series, because the writing style is great!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Collide, by Gail McHugh


My review: 4 crazy stars  (out of 5)


They are all freaking crazy.

No one was innocent. I've never read a book where I've been completely repulsed by all the characters in the story.

Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe. But I just finished this book, like, 30 seconds ago and am still trying to wipe away the bad after taste.

Emily Cooper

Emily moves to New York, on her boyfriends dime, but lives with her friend Olivia (who hates Emily's boyfriend and always tells him so, makes for very awkward situations). But Emily soon meets Gavin and they have an insta connection. Wouldn't you know it though, Gavin and Emily's boyfriend (Dillon) are friends.

Gavin Blake

From there things get worse. Emily gets engaged to Dillon. Gavin and her continue an affair, that all their friends know about, except Dillon. Dillon's not completely innocent, he seems to be having his own affair, that everyone knows about except Emily. But two wrongs don't make a right.

As you can see the book is one big MESS.

But I loved the craziness of it and will be reading the sequel to see what these low moral characters will do.

Hopefully Emily will grow a pair and just go out on her own for a while. Chick has some major issues!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Three birds with one post!

1. Inspiration for the day:

I'm trying, so I at least can at least say I did. I have queried 10 agents so far, but i'm still unsure of my pitch so I'm going to let it percolate in my head for a couple of days and rework it before querying further.

2. A great blog with great books to read, but also resources for authors (or wannabe's like me)
                          NA Alley - All about New Adult books!

3. A sneak peak at some of my book:  This is from early on in the book

My head felt impossibly heavy and pounded as every heart beat squeezed more blood into it. I tried opening one eye and then the other. The muted light creeping through the blinds was dim enough to be tolerable.
The memories from last night hit me like a brick in the face, causing me to groan and bury my head in the closest pillow. The sudden realization that it was not my pillow had the opposite effect, I quickly sat up.

OH SNAP! Someone had a rough night or morning.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free and Awsome... I'll be there

Baltimore Book Festival

There will be publishers there accepting pitches!

Here's the info:

September 27, 28 and 29, 2013

Friday and Saturday, 12-8pm and Sunday, 12-7pm

Baltimore, Maryland, in historic and picturesque Mount Vernon Place

The closest landmark is The Walters Art Museum, located at 600 North Charles Street, 21201.

The Baltimore Book Festival is 100% FREE and open to the public.

* Did you see that it's free?*

I'm very interested in : The Maryland Romance writers stage

"Three days of craft discussions, author readings, and hands-on how-to advice from some of the top authors in romantic fiction, the bestselling commercial fiction."

Now I have to go practice my pitch!


Everyones still acting so... NORMAL

AHHHHHH  I am exploding!

People, other than the ones in my imagination, have read my book.



OK, to be transparent, I've only had 2 readers so far. But it is out there now and I have several more people who will provide feed back.

Its great that they like my book, but that's not really the point right now (Actually its the best thing ever. I love that others love my story). BUT I am just freaking out that people have read it. period.

How has the world not exploded.

Anyways, I guess this is what happens when you face your fear.. it becomes a little less scary and a little more normal.

Except.. Family can still NOT read my book. Not yet anyways. (my heart just skipped a beat thinking about it.)



Monday, August 19, 2013

I was not expecting the book to go there.

I'm having issue with my synopsis. I have tweaked it a little, here is the newest version:

Kate has always gone with the flow, a necessity of her nomadic lifestyle with her mother, but at 20, she’s determined this move will be her last. 

When they arrive in Los Angeles, Kate learns her mother has been hiding secrets; the revelations throw them into a fast world of wealth, privilege, and lies. Nothing is as it seems and betrayals keep crashing around Kate, threatening to drown her. She can no longer remain passive.  Not knowing who to trust, Kate attempts to build relationships and a life of her own, while protecting her heart.  

Carly grew up in foster care, with only herself to rely on. She tried to give her daughter, Kate, a better life while seeking her own happy ending. When given the opportunity to return to Los Angeles Carly takes it, confident this is the move that will change everything for her and Kate.  Can she revisit the past and change it?

So what's the problem? That is only the beginning of the story. Because of the twists and turns the romances in the book take I have omitted them, but its romance that would draw the readers in. At least the readers that would most like this book. So how can I add them to the synopsis?

Hmm... I'll keep thinking.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

It has a name... no, not really.

My book possibly has a name:             It Goes On     or     For Me      or       Parts of Me

I am working on the synopsis. The mini one for the query letter and also the 5 page one for publishers.

Another thing I've done: I have Beta Readers. I used some friends that like to read (you know to boost my ego) and I have two strangers from Goodreads that also have blogs. They could be reading as I type. I think I will go throw up now.

Have Fun!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I am on a roll!


 I Accomplished goal number 2:  I condensed my book to a reasonable 105,000 words from 118, 000


Now I have to clear my mind (going to watch The Great Gatsby) and then revisit the book and read it from start to end, but it's hard to look at it with fresh eyes.

Next step: I need a beta reader! or several Beta Readers.

Off to Goodreads I go. - in case you don't know that's a site all about books (and they have beta readers)! and if you didn't know that then you need to stop reading this and go there now. Right now.



Have Fun!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Flippin Did It!


I did. No for real this time, I wrote a book. I finished the last word

Nobody's read it yet, and I am  going to have to face that fear soon. But today I am celebrating and working.

The problem: My book is too long. 118,532 words, is about 13,532 words too long.  At least if I want to be published, and I do. I'm terrified of family reading my book, but I would LOVE the general public to read it.

So my new goal: Cut down some scenes. Get the book into the 90,000- 105,000 word range.

Deadline? I think I can rock that by tomorrow. I have this crazy, awesome, momentum going right now and I'm taking advantage of it.

Planning ahead: Here's an awesome sites I came across for query information and general helpful tips:

Query tracker Blog - Even as I was linking this blog they posted a new article that I had to read.

Step 1: Write book: BIG FAT CHECK
Step 2: Edit book to acceptable length (need to cut out 13,532 words)



Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Judge The Cover!

When I'm suppose to be doing something (writing), I usually do something else (look for pre made covers)

Covers or thumbnails for E-Books are important. It's what draws the reader in, that and the title and blurb (which will be a future post).  We, authors, have three options:

  1. Create a cover yourself.  I'm not doing that,  I only have 2 choices.
  2. Hire a designer
  3. Purchase a premade design
Here are some designers I have come across with pre made covers:

More to come ;)

Lets Not Overreact!

I am adjusting my goal... you know the one.

I think I was suppose to finish my book today, well I didn't. So now I am giving myself till Aug 9. 8 more days.

I have to go back to work on the 19th, so it has to be done then, but I hope to spend that last week sending out manuscripts to agents and researching self publishing.

Ok so lets look at what happened for a second.

  1. I went camping and to the beach. So basically I let life interfere. If I didn't do those things the book would be done. 
  2.  But also a kinda cool thing interfered, inspiration. I realized some of my minor characters had this motivation that didn't match their actions in the beginning of the story. SO I've been adjusting that.

Here's my quote for the day:

I have to say ^ that has been the best thing about writing. I feel like I am doing what I LOVE and it has made all the difference in my joy and contentment.
So back to it:
Still on step 1: Write book (  8 day's left, serious this time.)

Word count: 97, 771( Still revising and cutting past scenes, so I'm not sure how many words total)


Friday, July 26, 2013

Music mode

An extra post today, since I'm camping tomorrow and wont be posting ;)

I wanted to start organizing my book playlist. Not all books have one, but it seems to be a growing trend and well my characters seem to be speaking through these songs.

This is just the start:

  • Stay- Rihanna Ft. Mikky Ekko 
All of the other songs are equal, but this is the anthem for my book!!!!

  • Everything Has Changed- by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

  • Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran

  • Let me love you- Ne- Yo

There's more, but this is just off the top of my head. I have to start gathering them all together. I think the rest will be country, since the main character is into that.

Still on step 1: Write book ( 6 day's left- minus one day off for camping, but I'll be planning.)

Word count: 97, 636   ( about  3,000 words to go.... I wrote more than that yesterday alone. I've so got this!)


Jumping the gun, but it's a foregone conclusion.

And that quote belongs with this quote:

And boy do my goals SCARE me!

But you know what? They also excite me. ALOT. In fact I'd say the excitement level is HUGE.


Maybe it's because I am on the verge of accomplishing one of my goals that I always had (I've been saying I wanted to write a book since I was in high school) but never truly believed I would do.


The goal wasn't even to be published.. Although that is the next goal on my to do list, it was just to write a book.  And I am almost there (Like 7 days away)

What changed?

I set a deadline, I created  a 30 before 30 list. 30 goals to accomplish before I'm 30.

 And you know what else? A lot of those goals were bull *it. I had trouble creating 30 of them, the only one that mattered, was the writing of this book. I had let the fear of failure keep me from this goal for far to long.

In the beginning the fear was deafening, there was very little excitement.

Once I started writing the fear lessened, and the excitement grew.  Now I am so freaking excited, I've got a perma-smile. NOTHING CAN KILL MY JOY!

and I do mean nothing, I've had a shitty past couple of weeks. But my writing has saved me. I channeled my negative emotions into it, and was left with joy and beauty.

Nothing feels better than reaching a goal you thought you couldn't do!

Still on step 1: Write book ( 6 day's left. Im going camping this weekend, otherwise I would probably reach the goal sooner. )

Word count: 97, 636   ( about  3,000 words to go.... I wrote more than that yesterday alone. I've so got this!)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love is hard to get right.

I'd venture to say the above quote is true for many things in life, including love.

Like my book. The past couple of day's I had been writing very little. The characters just weren't ready to speak to me, and when I forced them to come forward the dialogue seemed just that, forced.

Today I have written a couple thousand words and it just keeps coming. But I have to take a break because of my smalls, they need their mom.

I think I will upgrade them this morning from smalls, to wildlings. Cause that's how they are acting. It's my fault though, kids turn wild when they lack adults supervision.

So writing, kids behaviors, and love.. it's either too little or too much. It's hard to find that fine line of just right. But when you do... Ahh perfection.

Hey, I've got a treat for you today. A peak at my book. 

(I am good at pretending to have followers. This is easy to do. It shouldn't surprise anyone since I've been conversing/ arguing with characters in my head for the past year.)

My characters were struggling with love today:

Ethan hopped off the wall and pulled me toward the edge, so my legs straddled his waist. Our eyes were level with each other as he rested his hands on my hips. “I want you and only you. And more than that, I want all of you, including your faults.”

His lips claimed mine and I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, absorbing his passion and drowning out my doubts. His confidence in what he wanted filled me and I knew then that I couldn’t hold on anymore. I let my feelings flood into the kiss, into him. I ran my hands down his back trying to get closer to him. His hands traveled under my shirt, up my back. My skin tingled and heated where he touched me, as if his hands could shape me and mold me into something that matched him perfectly. And I wished they could mold me into something whole, which could love him completely, as he deserved to be loved. Sadness filled my kiss as I thought about the holes in me that were bound to leave him feeling just as empty.

Ahh I love Ethan... And I hope everyone else does too. I also hope Kate (the voice of the story) is able to work her stuff out and be there for him.

Still on step 1: Write book ( 7 day's left , YIKES)

Word count: 96,003   ( about 4,000 words to go.... hmm I might have to give myself an extra 5,000) 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family scares the $#!+ out of me!

I have decided that I want it.

I am afraid of pieces of it though... Lets analyze this.

I LOVE the writing, when I'm in the moment and barely feel like I'm thinking. More like translating or what is it called when a medium speaks for a ghost? I don't know, but you get the point. I love that. It's easy and its fun. And I love learning new things about my characters.

So what scares me? Other people reading it. Mainly family and friends. To everyone else I'm faceless author, or they will associate me with the picture on the book (hey I can dream that it will get that far) But I do not want my family reading it.  Then I have to face them.

I took a brave step and told some of them I am writing a book, and it didn't ease my fears. It made it worst. Now they keep teasing that I'm writing about our crazy family and they ask,  what character are they?

I am writing a book, and there are obviously pieces of my personality in it, I mean it's kinda impossible not to do so. But it has nothing to do with my family.

And thats not really my fear, that they see themselves in the book. I cant really pinpoint why them reading  scares me but  I DO NOT WANT THEM TO READ MY BOOK.

Why? I don't know.

I have to get over it though because they could possibly be the only people who read it.

On another note, you might be wondering about my book (I'm gonna go ahead and pretend people read this blog) I am writing a new adult novel. Which I need to get back to, so more details later.

Still on step 1: Write book ( 8 day's left , YIKES)

Word count: 91,768   ( about 8,000 words to go.) 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I get so much done, when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

 With my deadline of 9 days looming, I started procrastinating planning ahead and looking at the next step.

 Query Agents. I came across 2 great sites:

agent query connect

and a site I had been on before for writing tips, but now found an interesting series

writers digest- Successful queries

Hmm... but I have to include the word count to my book... I need to finish it to do that so back to it.

Still on step 1: Write book ( 9 day's left)

Word count: 91,270   ( about 9,000 words to go.) 

FYI in college I rocked at the all nighter, and always turned in the best papers finished moments before the deadline... Somehow I don't think that's applicable to this situation.


Do you not realize I'm trying to eat!

^ That really has nothing to do with what I'm gonna write about today.

Except that it has everything to do with life. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but the tortoise and the hare was a load of crap. That turtle may have won the race, but that rabbit was still faster, he was just a lazy, cocky SOB.

Everyone messed up the moral to that story.. It wasn't slow and steady wins, it's cocky douches lose.

Now back to our normally scheduled blog:

Inspiration can hit anywhere, and for me it hits at the most inconvenient time. Always.

When I run, my mind brainstorms, more than that it's a hurricane of ideas. Problem is I don't carry pen and paper, I barely know how to carry my water bottle... but that's a completely different story. I know I've forgotten some good ideas out on the road, but that's ok cause I've come back with some of the best parts of the story.

At least when I run I know what I'm getting into. But when I'm in a crowded room and my characters start going crazy in my head, its pretty inconvenient, not to mention rude to others who are trying to talk to me.

I'm in the middle of dinner last night and my two main characters decide to start arguing, but it's a really interesting argument.

Sorry smalls, mommy can't watch you tie your spaghetti in a knot, I've got to get back to writing.

Still on step 1: Write book ( 9 day's left)

Word count: 91,234  ( That number is amazing.. but crap since it's not much further than yesterday. Picking up speed today, no distractions.) 


Monday, July 22, 2013

I truly want to watch TV!

Many things aren't equal, but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7days a week. We make time for what we truly want.

I read about a self published author who writes her books in 2 weeks. (She probably doesn't have the smalls running around)

I spend too many of those hours, watching TV. All those HBO and Showtime series... Awesome and addicting. (I currently am watching Dexter, as I type this.)   30 minutes down so far today.

I also spend too much time reading, all though it's hard to think of this as wasted, I now consider it research and educational. I can do that now that I'm writing my own book.

Ahh back to my book... I only have 10 days left, so I am banned from reading other books for the next 10 days and I will limit my tv. (Hey Its the middle of Tru blood series, I cant miss what happens to Sookie.)

Now to get back to it.

Still on step 1: Write book (10 day's a way.  I got this)

Word count: 90,746  ( I have to get on this, I have a whole list of things I did instead yesterday, but what I truly want is to get this story out, so I need to prioritize accordingly.)


Sunday, July 21, 2013

I do things my way... once I check that your way's not better.

^ My motivation for the day :)

A friend and I were talking about life lessons we have learned, that we really want our smalls to know. (Preferably a lot sooner than when we learned it).

 I told him, I only just fully accepted that there's no directions to life.  In everything I did, school, job, kids, house decorating, etc.. I always googled it, to see how others were doing it.  Well, I finally realized that I wasted a bunch of time. I mean, yes, I still google for inspiration and ideas, but I don't keep going for hours once I have formed an idea in my head.

I wasted a lot of time googling for a picture or directions for how to complete the idea's in my head. Well you know what. They weren't there, because they are my ideas, I needed to create the directions for it.

Same thing with my book. I googled how to write, I was really concerned with the process. Should I write in a linear line or hop around?  how should I organize chapters? Should I write in first person? Should I write in present or past tense?

Well the consensus was develop your idea and then write the way that feels most comfortable for you. The way that your story tells you to write. And it will speak to you ( See my previous post) .

I will stop wasting time being concerned with how others are writing or what they are writing, I need to write my own book, my way.

Still on step 1: Write book (Only 11 days left! EEK)

Word count: 90,438   ( I had to clean yesterday so I only increased 500 words. Ill make it up today ;) )


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bruce Lee told me I could.

" A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at." - Bruce Lee

While I do think this quote is a little bit of a cop out, I'm going with it.

I had a goal: Finish my book.

I think I need to refine it and set a deadline.

New and improved goal: I will finish my book by the end of July.

That is  (checking calendar) 12 day's away, including today.  I estimate that I have about 20,000 words left in me for this book (maybe less). So I need to average (getting calculator) 1,667 words a day....

hmm Thursday night I said I had 87,372 words completed. At the moment I have 89,938 words and I haven't written today yet (hey I've got to put in some quality time with my smalls).  So, anywho, that means I have written 2,566 words in about a day and a half. My goal seems reasonable.  YES, GO ME.

SO I have something to aim at... I think  I can completely hit this target, but if I miss a little and I have to go into August then so be it, Thanks Bruce Lee for forgiving me my failures and letting me procrastinate :)

But I wont. I don't need a failure plan, cause my book will be done in 12 days. Then I will be an official author, weather the world reads it or not.  I will have completed a goal and that's an awesome feeling.

 STEP 1: Finish book - nearly there, 12 days away maximum.

Word count: 89,938



Friday, July 19, 2013

Not Stopping - except briefly to write this...

 Found this awesome article:

25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing

If ever you need to refocus and get back on track, go read that^

Ironically, I came across it while doing several of the things I should stop doing.

Namely Number 2: Stop Stopping

quoting the article: " the only way you can finish something is by not stopping. That story isn’t going to unfuck itself."

Yup... so with that piece of advice fresh in my head, let me get back to it.

Still on Step 1: Finish Book

Have Fun!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gotta start somewhere.

I am a writer.

That's the first time I've said it out loud.. or wrote it down. Whatever. Semantics.

Why now?

Well tonight I have 87,372 words written in my novel. Happy dance for me. That makes it real.  I am going to finish my first book.

Is it finished, you ask? No

How much longer will it be? I'm not sure. I think it will have about another 20,000 words... I'm not even sure on the ending yet.

Ok don't bring me down. The process is pretty cool.

 I was all worried that I didn't have the book all mapped out. I attempted to a few times and even got a cool notebook  for the task. Cool notebook are always a motivator for me. 

But when I sat to write, the characters just didn't do what I told them to. Those bastards!

So then I had to go back and re write the outline... then I'd write and those people in my head would just do something else unplanned and, well you get the idea. The outline didn't work.

Tonight, I actually felt like my characters are going somewhere good. To clarify, they have been to lots of not good places, which should make for an interesting read. I know it was a blast to write. But now I can see that happy ending coming

So that's why I'm here. Writing this. Because I want to document my publishing journey. I want to have a place to put all the information I learn. And perhaps that will help someone else. At the very least it will help  me organize what I need to do.

Step 1. Finish the book   - Almost there.

  Have fun !