Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love is hard to get right.

I'd venture to say the above quote is true for many things in life, including love.

Like my book. The past couple of day's I had been writing very little. The characters just weren't ready to speak to me, and when I forced them to come forward the dialogue seemed just that, forced.

Today I have written a couple thousand words and it just keeps coming. But I have to take a break because of my smalls, they need their mom.

I think I will upgrade them this morning from smalls, to wildlings. Cause that's how they are acting. It's my fault though, kids turn wild when they lack adults supervision.

So writing, kids behaviors, and love.. it's either too little or too much. It's hard to find that fine line of just right. But when you do... Ahh perfection.

Hey, I've got a treat for you today. A peak at my book. 

(I am good at pretending to have followers. This is easy to do. It shouldn't surprise anyone since I've been conversing/ arguing with characters in my head for the past year.)

My characters were struggling with love today:

Ethan hopped off the wall and pulled me toward the edge, so my legs straddled his waist. Our eyes were level with each other as he rested his hands on my hips. “I want you and only you. And more than that, I want all of you, including your faults.”

His lips claimed mine and I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, absorbing his passion and drowning out my doubts. His confidence in what he wanted filled me and I knew then that I couldn’t hold on anymore. I let my feelings flood into the kiss, into him. I ran my hands down his back trying to get closer to him. His hands traveled under my shirt, up my back. My skin tingled and heated where he touched me, as if his hands could shape me and mold me into something that matched him perfectly. And I wished they could mold me into something whole, which could love him completely, as he deserved to be loved. Sadness filled my kiss as I thought about the holes in me that were bound to leave him feeling just as empty.

Ahh I love Ethan... And I hope everyone else does too. I also hope Kate (the voice of the story) is able to work her stuff out and be there for him.

Still on step 1: Write book ( 7 day's left , YIKES)

Word count: 96,003   ( about 4,000 words to go.... hmm I might have to give myself an extra 5,000)