Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review- Beware of Love in Technicolor by Kirstie Collins Brote

4.5 real life stars

This book is not your typical New Adult Romance. It wasn't the mad chemistry, alpha male tales I've been use to. It was the twisted maze of love and friendship and growth that is true to the college experience. And the inevitable let down when none of it is what you had expected.
And it was set in 1991- so it made me kinda nostalgic.

 It's the story of Greer's first two years in college. She was looking forward her first year and all the firsts she was going to experience, but, as usual in life, it didn't live up to the hype. Her first day she meets an insanely hot guy, but that's where the similarities to a typical romance story ends.. it's his friend she somehow falls in love with.

 What's crazy is that none of the characters have some damaged past... (or at least it's not mentioned in the story)
At first I didn't like Greer. I thought she was stuck up and judgmental, but as her college years progress she loosens up, and I realized that she was just a sheltered, 19 year old, who thought she knew.

Her growth wasn't always positive, but it was typical. She experimented with drugs, with friendships, guys, and with her diet. All a typical experiences for a college student. (well maybe not typical, but believable)

I don't know really what more to say except if you want to take a break from the hype of over dramatized life, this book is perfect.

And the writing was excellent. I loved the style. It all just worked for me!

There were some typos, but that sort of thing doesn't bother me too much. Really the only other negative thing I have is the ending was a little sudden, but it's easy to imagine where it's going.

Overall it left me feeling like I had just got done reminiscing with my friend about our adolescents. And I loved looking back.

Have Fun!