Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lets Not Overreact!

I am adjusting my goal... you know the one.

I think I was suppose to finish my book today, well I didn't. So now I am giving myself till Aug 9. 8 more days.

I have to go back to work on the 19th, so it has to be done then, but I hope to spend that last week sending out manuscripts to agents and researching self publishing.

Ok so lets look at what happened for a second.

  1. I went camping and to the beach. So basically I let life interfere. If I didn't do those things the book would be done. 
  2.  But also a kinda cool thing interfered, inspiration. I realized some of my minor characters had this motivation that didn't match their actions in the beginning of the story. SO I've been adjusting that.

Here's my quote for the day:

I have to say ^ that has been the best thing about writing. I feel like I am doing what I LOVE and it has made all the difference in my joy and contentment.
So back to it:
Still on step 1: Write book (  8 day's left, serious this time.)

Word count: 97, 771( Still revising and cutting past scenes, so I'm not sure how many words total)