Monday, September 2, 2013

I used it all up

AGH! I have stayed away from my book for a week!


But I have ideas... Lots of IDEAS! For new stories and some minor details I will add to the book I already wrote, just some line changes for humor or clarity.

So tomorrow I will be back at my book. And I will be redoing my book blurb, the one that goes in the query letter. My blurb did not talk about the men in the story... and I think it is a must for this genre.

And I was productive today. I made an excel graph of who I have already sent my query to and what I have heard back. I have sent it to 11 people, received 4 rejections almost immediately. I am hoping the delay from the other agents is a good sign, maybe it wont be a standard rejection. I am going to query more agents after I revise my query and run through my book again.

Good think I am still excited about reading this story, even if it is for the 18441793 time!


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