Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Flippin Did It!


I did. No for real this time, I wrote a book. I finished the last word

Nobody's read it yet, and I am  going to have to face that fear soon. But today I am celebrating and working.

The problem: My book is too long. 118,532 words, is about 13,532 words too long.  At least if I want to be published, and I do. I'm terrified of family reading my book, but I would LOVE the general public to read it.

So my new goal: Cut down some scenes. Get the book into the 90,000- 105,000 word range.

Deadline? I think I can rock that by tomorrow. I have this crazy, awesome, momentum going right now and I'm taking advantage of it.

Planning ahead: Here's an awesome sites I came across for query information and general helpful tips:

Query tracker Blog - Even as I was linking this blog they posted a new article that I had to read.

Step 1: Write book: BIG FAT CHECK
Step 2: Edit book to acceptable length (need to cut out 13,532 words)