Monday, August 19, 2013

I was not expecting the book to go there.

I'm having issue with my synopsis. I have tweaked it a little, here is the newest version:

Kate has always gone with the flow, a necessity of her nomadic lifestyle with her mother, but at 20, she’s determined this move will be her last. 

When they arrive in Los Angeles, Kate learns her mother has been hiding secrets; the revelations throw them into a fast world of wealth, privilege, and lies. Nothing is as it seems and betrayals keep crashing around Kate, threatening to drown her. She can no longer remain passive.  Not knowing who to trust, Kate attempts to build relationships and a life of her own, while protecting her heart.  

Carly grew up in foster care, with only herself to rely on. She tried to give her daughter, Kate, a better life while seeking her own happy ending. When given the opportunity to return to Los Angeles Carly takes it, confident this is the move that will change everything for her and Kate.  Can she revisit the past and change it?

So what's the problem? That is only the beginning of the story. Because of the twists and turns the romances in the book take I have omitted them, but its romance that would draw the readers in. At least the readers that would most like this book. So how can I add them to the synopsis?

Hmm... I'll keep thinking.