Sunday, July 21, 2013

I do things my way... once I check that your way's not better.

^ My motivation for the day :)

A friend and I were talking about life lessons we have learned, that we really want our smalls to know. (Preferably a lot sooner than when we learned it).

 I told him, I only just fully accepted that there's no directions to life.  In everything I did, school, job, kids, house decorating, etc.. I always googled it, to see how others were doing it.  Well, I finally realized that I wasted a bunch of time. I mean, yes, I still google for inspiration and ideas, but I don't keep going for hours once I have formed an idea in my head.

I wasted a lot of time googling for a picture or directions for how to complete the idea's in my head. Well you know what. They weren't there, because they are my ideas, I needed to create the directions for it.

Same thing with my book. I googled how to write, I was really concerned with the process. Should I write in a linear line or hop around?  how should I organize chapters? Should I write in first person? Should I write in present or past tense?

Well the consensus was develop your idea and then write the way that feels most comfortable for you. The way that your story tells you to write. And it will speak to you ( See my previous post) .

I will stop wasting time being concerned with how others are writing or what they are writing, I need to write my own book, my way.

Still on step 1: Write book (Only 11 days left! EEK)

Word count: 90,438   ( I had to clean yesterday so I only increased 500 words. Ill make it up today ;) )